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Project Objectives

  • Develop a single and coherent, university-wide applicable quality assurance system of international work placements of UP students: the developed system (methodology) shall unify and extend the existing processes and tools necessary for the implementation of placements and their quality assurance. Further, it shall make the information concerning placements available to all interested parties in a unified and coherent form.
  • Develop an INTLAG web application for the management of international work placements and relationships with host organisations: the application, as the main tool of the system, shall bring substantial efficiency improvement of the international work placement agenda and increase the number of these mobilities while maintaining required quality.
  • Develop and implement courses of intercultural communication in foreign languages​​: the courses shall develop intercultural and language skills of students and shall be a preparation tool for interns that will contribute to their smooth integration into a new environment and the smooth running of placements.
  • Incorporate international work placements in the UP curriculum: by inclusion in the curriculum of selected study programmes/fields of study, the placements shall be recognised as a full and integral part of the curriculum.
  • Implement pilot international work placements: the placements shall test and validate the developed system (methodology) including corresponding processes and tools. These mobilities shall further extend the qualification profile of students and increase their attractiveness from the perspective of future employers, respectively their employability in the labour market.
  • Train placement guarantors and coordinators for international affairs and mobility in the field of quality management, information and communication technologies, foreign languages and human resource management: the training shall support their professional and personal development in the corresponding areas and provide them with the skills necessary for development and flawless functionality, respectively use of the system.
  • Involve working professionals, including those from abroad, in the agenda of placements: their participation in the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives shall support the quality and value of the system by taking into account the needs of the labour market, transfer of expertise and potential multiplicative effects.
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Mgr. Marie Raková

project manager, KA 2 and KA 6 guarantor

tel.: +420 585 631 119
e-mail: marie.rakova@upol.cz

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