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Why Host a Trainee

Benefits of Hosting a Trainee
International work placements of university students bring substantial benefits to both students and host organisations. What in particular can these placements bring to you?

  • Trainees whose profiles meet the needs of your organisation. No need to go through hundreds of CVs – we shall provide you with a preselection of applicants for a work placement based on your requirements concerning field/s of study, work experience, language skills and other key competencies;
  • Trainees with an innate knowledge of the culture and language of their home country, i.e. the Czech Republic, who can open doors to new markets for you and expand your geographical scope;
  • Increased competitiveness, as trainees can bring innovative scientific knowledge and new perspectives into your organisation;
  • Opportunity to field test potential future employees;
  • Enrichment of your team, as trainees come from a different culture, they bring youthful enthusiasm and new working methods;
  • Closer long-term cooperation with universities.

Discover Our Trainees
Students of Palacký University in Olomouc (UP) study fields specializing in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health care, and technology in the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral types of study. The students have very good theoretical knowledge of their fields of study, and frequently have also acquired skills relevant for their fields of study during an in-country or international work placement. They also have very good key competencies, such as the ability to communicate in foreign languages, intercultural perception, etc.
UP is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. Today it is a modern educational and research institution with 8 faculties, 23 000 students and more than 1 800 academics and scientists. It offers 345 accredited fields of study. It has nearly 700 agreements regarding student exchanges and research with universities around the world. It is building new centres of basic and applied research in the fields of biomedicine, physics, chemistry, optics and agriculture, with special focus on biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc. For more information, please visit http://www.upol.cz/en/.

Facts & Figures
We have been sending our students for work placements abroad since 2004. So far 450 UP students have completed a work placement. Our strategy is to support these mobilities also in the future and on a larger scale because they have been very popular and bring substantial benefits to both students and host organisations. And for the same reason most of our foreign partners have been cooperating with us for several years. Currently, we have about 70 active contacts abroad.